by Bruce Judson

Introduction: Conventional Wisdom Is Just Plain Wrong1
1.Overview: The New Go-It-Alone Business7
2.Principles for Success17
3.The Great Shift in What's Possible43
4.Do What You Do Best88
5.How to Create Your Business System105
6.The Myths About Start-ups127
7.Why You Don't Want to Be a Free Agent or a Franchisee136
8.Managing Extreme Outsourcing144
9.Lessons from Some Inventive Companies155
10.Evaluating Your Proposed Business165
11.When to Quit Your Day Job174
12.The Race to Liquidity: Why Venture Capital Is Not for You183
13.Mistakes Happen-Learn from Them187
14.Suddenly, Just Me194
Conclusion: Fear Is The Enemy199
Index 215

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